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Our Vision

'Empowering Learners for their future!'



The vision statement was revised after community visioning 10 years ago. It read ‘Empowering children to face their future with confidence and skills’


It was re -visioned with the harakeke 6 years ago, to read ‘Empowering children for their future!’


While it was planned to be looked at last year, but with the acceptance by Springboard Trust and the knowledge that Strategic planning would be part of the process.


Given that we are learners at Manawaru School and wanting to acknowledge that a number of our students are moving from childhood.


Each word of a vision is important and the word learner demonstrates the paramount purpose of schooling.



 is an action, emphasising the active nature of change, and the meaning of the word to ‘ give power to’ .



celebrates that children are learners and  we are all learners, not just the children. Given that research tells us children follow what they see, it is an important word missing from the former vision.



is recognition we are educating children for their future, rather than our past. The importance of recognising change is necessary based on current research.



creates an expectation that learning now will be to meet the needs of the future as much as can be anticipated. It understands that demonstrates the importance of skills and attributes that are transferable.



because this is an exciting journey, one we are all privileged to be involved in. Learning is exciting, and filled with potential and endless possibility!



'For their'



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