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Lisa Loomans

Chairperson -

Manawaru School Board of Trustees



Tell us something about yourself.


I am a mother of a Year 7 here at Manawaru School and my eldest is a Year 10 at Te Aroha College.  I was born in Te Aroha, and have had ties to the area for the past four generations.  I am a qualified chef and have worn many hats in the past when it comes to jobs.  Currently one of the hats I am wearing is one of a small business owner.



How was school for you?


I only went to school to see my friends and eat lunch!  I struggled with reading and writing all through school.  I was finally  diagnosed with dyslexia when I was at the end of college.  No one had picked it up before then, and I was given little support.  It is great to see how much schooling has changed since I was at school, how much support is out there now, and how kids are  celebrated for all of their capabilities!



What is something you have learnt since coming on the Board of Trustees?


That it doesn’t matter what your background is, we can all make a difference.  That there is support for learners of all ages, our kids, teachers, teacher aides, Principals, B.O.T. members, parents and families.  You never stop learning!

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