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Ant van der Lee

Elected Parent - 

Manawaru School Board of Trustees

Tell us something about yourself.  

I am through and through a family man. Like most dads my main goal is to see the family get the most out of life and have as much fun as possible along the way.


 How was school for you?  As a kid school is both your work and your social life, happening while you grow as a person. I had a good small group of friends and we navigated through it.  I was lucky enough to have had reasonably good teachers throughout my school years.  My schooling was fairly uneventful. St Josephs' Primary followed by Te Aroha College until the ripe old age of 15, when I began a building apprenticeship with the local firm Mount View  Construction.


What is something you have learnt since coming on the Board of Trustees?  

Boards are not unpleasant positions to hold. You are part of a team of like minded individuals, all with the same objective.  It's interesting to see the ‘inside running gear’ of education and   finances, and the conversations are not unduly heavy. We always manage a few laughs as well.

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