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Mike van Marrewijk

Elected Parent - 

Manawaru School Board of Trustees


Tell us something about yourself.  

I’m a born and bred local Te Aroha lad, who has lived in the Wairakau / Manawaru area all my life, working alongside my family in our family farming operation.  My two children, Matthew and Kaitlyn are second generation Manawaru School students, after a number of the staff (Mrs Hendrikse, Mrs R and Mrs Tilsley) have had the pleasure of enjoying my company approximately 30 years ago. Being the good boy that I am of course, setting an easy pedestal for the next generation coming through.  I enjoy the farming lifestyle, rugby, hunting and socialising with my  ‘small-ish’ group of friends from time to time.


How was school for you?  

Pretty straight forward  My Mum was the superstar that mastered the art of making large   volumes of cheese sandwiches… I enjoyed the company of most of my teachers, gained lifetime friendships and learnt a little along the way.  


What is something you have learnt since coming on the Board of Trustees?

 I have been on the B.O.T. now for almost 6 years. I enjoy the pro’s and con’s of being on the Board working together for the benefit of our  community, but mostly for our children.  The greatest learning advantage of being on the B.O.T. for me, is the understanding of what it takes to keep a School running at its best ability in all circumstances that arise.  A great team makes a big difference in how our children are provided with the best schooling opportunities they can have, over their Primary Schooling life time. The children of  Manawaru School are very fortunate to have such a great backing from the B.O.T. and wider community. 

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