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Rosemary Hendrikse

Principal -

Manawaru School Board of Trustees



Tell us something about yourself.

I grew up on a dairy farm at Kereone. My 2 girls also spent the early years of their lives on dairy farms, then a goat farm, before moving to Arapuni, where I live today. My girls have both grown up and moved to Wellington, giving me the opportunity to regularly enjoy the delights of the capital, and indulge my weakness for shoes, and delicious food. I enjoy seeing them carve out their lives following their passions, both of them much braver than I ever was!



How was school for you?

I don’t remember much about primary school, except for the time Miss Cleaver caught me chewing gum. My parents got called in, it didn’t go well for me.  I remember really enjoying my year at Morrinsville Intermediate with Mr Hawke! Then I went to Waikato Diocesan School for Girls as a boarder. I learnt a lot about myself over this time, including discovering my dislike of stupid rules! I am glad to hear the school has well and truly moved on since that time!




What is something you have learnt since coming on the Board of Trustees?

I have learnt that people often have a different idea of how a BOT works, and the reality can be a surprise. So many rules, some of them stupid! However I am continually heartened by those that keep children’s learning firmly in their sight as they move the school forward.

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