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Ngā mihi matakuikui

Planting harakeke

Warm greetings


Thanks for checking out our website.

Our vision ‘ Empowering learners to face their futures!’ is what we do.
Manawaru School is a great place to be if your family would like to be involved in a school that enjoys seeing children having learning adventures, and being encouraged to grow as individuals.

One of the benefits of a 4 teacher rural school is that your child counts as an individual, not just a number, because we have the advantage of getting to know your children well, no getting lost in a crowd here!

We have a focus on growing good people here. Encouraging children to be part of a school community, as well as developing strong independence skills is important to our families, as is academic progress.

We know that everyone is an individual and their progress and achievement reflects this. Everyone at Manawaru School aims to move each child on their individual journey.

We are very well resourced, thanks to our great community, and these funds go towards ensuring support all learners, according to their interests and needs. Because of the fundraising team’s great efforts we do not ask families for a donation, just support.

At Manawaru School we realise the importance of the joy of being a kid! We have no uniform here because we are happy for children to wear clothing that not only expresses themselves, but will also survive a mudslide or climbing a tree!

If you think this might be a good place for your family to grow as learners please pop in, we would love to see you. If you ring first even better!

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